Our Story

The Fitted Joint was established in 2010 when Anthony Whorton (Peep) and Brooks Ingram (BMAN) quit their jobs to start up a storefront in South Cumberland. After some initial setbacks, like getting robbed the first week, the dynamic duo sold thousands of hats and completed countless embroidery and printing projects.

Five years later, The Fitted Joint moved to La Vale Plaza. Still selling hats and doing custom work, B MAN and Peep brought in Brody Mackert (Mack) to change the course. Mack was an employee at the South End store and had a massive collection of vintage clothing on his page, Pine Avenue Vintage.

Mack’s hoard of vintage clothing started to flood the store, as well as the new buy-sell-trade persona that The Joint adopted. Pine Avenue Vintage and The Fitted Joint merged together to create something totally new to the area.

The Fitted Joint and Pine Ave Vintage evolved during the peak of the COVID quarantine and built a large selection of sneakers, supreme, and vintage, all while continuing to provide quality custom work.

The brick and mortar store is still in La Vale Plaza over 10 years after opening their doors. The team has grown, but the vibes are still the same. We appreciate everyone who has entered our doors and followed us through our journey. We take pride with where we are from and will continue to provide quality products and services for Allegany County